What’s Communications and Copywriting all about?

Not everyone is a wordsmith.  Bad copy can turn off your audience in seconds, but good copywriting will have them hooked and will make them take action. It’s that simple.

Not a wordsmith? Save your time (time is money!) and invest in quality copywriting

I’m an experienced wordsmith who knows how to make your copy work hard. Top notch marketing copy and clear communications are more important than ever. With a swamped online marketplace people need to be able to read your copy and understand your product and business ethos immediately. If it is riddled with typos, tricky to read or your benefits are unclear; they’ll simply move on…

Persuasive copywriting sells – words add meaning and value

Design and imagery are important, but words help you to explain and sell your product. When it comes to web copy, the less-is-more approach can work wonders, but the less copy you have, the harder it needs to work for you. It needs to be punchy, concise and grammatically spot on – my copywriting services do just that.

Does your messaging and copy compel and motivate your target audience to take action?

When it comes to your brand your communications should be consistent and should radiate your personality – your voice, ethos, messaging and professionalism. Your web copy needs to be concise, your ad copy needs to be emotive and your marketing copy needs to be persuasive.

Your copy needs to empower your brand, not degrade it. Unprofessional copy will insult and annoy the reader. Quality copy will leave them wanting more…

Your words are your superweapon – use them wisely and seek the best

Need me to inject quality and charisma into your website or create compelling copywriting for your communications? Say hello!